Why NRA Members Are Shooting Their Coolers

NRA Shooting

Do you want to know about nra on shooting. Why are NRA members blowing up coolers? Leave the coolers alone. Remember back after the parkland shooting there were a lot of companies that cut ties with the NRA and the NRA was very upset about that. Just have that in the back of your mind. Last friday, members of the NRA got a letter from the NRA institute for legislative action and the former NRA president marian p hammer. This is a report from the washington post about that letter. According to them: in the wake of this, people who are NRA members started blowing up their yeti coolers. We will show you some of that in a second. The damage had already been done, but yeti responded. Of course she said it that way. But in the meantime, they lost their minds and people started blowing up. Here is a video of someone taking it out on their yeti cooler and remember, they haveno reason to do this now.

They fill it up with tannerite and in another one, some people didn’t have coolers so this guy took it out on his yeti cup. Take a look. Joe with aegis tactical. They lost their man card. This is what i think of yeti. There you have it. This was over at discount. Over losing a discount. Can you imagine if someone freaked out this hard over their a discount no longer being valid or a coupon being expired? I have mixed feelings about the story because part of it is so goofy it’s kind of fun. I enjoy seeing that cooler blow up, i have to be honest with you. Maybe it is the kid in me. But then i don’t have a gun. It is one thing when you are playing, it is one thing when it is actual bullets and it is not a cooler, but to kim’s point, think about how triggered they get, if you will, the smallest little thing. We are not giving you the same discount we use 2.

How dare you. You know why? They fill entitled. They have a sense of entitlement and they are like i deserve to have everything, including any discount that i like and if you take away my discount, you are taking away my freedom. No we are not. We are taking away discount by the way, you’ve another one anyway. But put that aside. Even if the story were enormously true and they had been denied their 12% off. That is how conservatives view things. When you say i do not agree with kanye west supporting can dace owens or donald trump. There like you are taking his freedom of thought way. No i am not, he is allowed to say any dumb ass thing he wants.

I can also say anything i one counter his speech. No, i am entitled to be the only one speaking. These things cost $250-$300 so I guess they are richer something or probably, they are down and after they blow it out they are like that was $1100,what did i do. I spent that money already. Why did i do that? It is crazy. It is crazy for us to be called the snowflakes. I really enjoy, i get what you are saying but i really enjoyed watching every single one of those videos. While those with the highlights, there is one where a guy takes his cup and he puts in a vice and one of those table vices that you have to spend and it takes him like a full minute and a half and the thing is, the yeti is so malleable that nothing even happens. It is actually a great product.

And you are just filming the need to load it up with 20 pounds of tannerite to make it explode. They are accidentally doing an ad for yeti. You already bought it because it is so awesome and you used the discount you still haveit but i get it. There’s something about that mentality. I have the gun and I want to use it. I will use it for this. Some of them, they look like they’re having an amazing day. I have been at a gun range and shot weapons and i told the story in the post game about an automatic weapon and it started snowing.

I am like why is its no wing inside? It was because i had accidentally shot the ceiling. So it was going all over the place. They’re like take that away from him. I get that it could be fun and your hobby and like a child, when i see the things beings mashed or things being put in a blender or a cooler blowing up, little part of me goes hot like a lot of you do but on the other hand, will you own is not hobby it is a killing machine see have to be really careful but on the other hand, a lot of people, i think that they think, i cannot wait to use this so that is part of why they are blowing up$1000 cooler because they cannot wait to use the weapon.

If it was all fun and games, no big deal but when you actually do use in real life, that is disastrous and possibly deadly so that is why we are asking you guys to be really careful with your hobby and not feel so entitled that you get to use it whenever and however you want.

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