Vortex Viper HS LR: A Rifle Scope for Hunting

Hi everybody Todd Helms from East man’s out here at the range today to bring you a review on the vortex Viper HSL Rone of the things that I love about this particular scope is it blends key features across the spectrum of hunting long range shooting and shooting in general some of the things that I love about this scope and that make it a great crossover from a long range scope to a hunting scope are the tactical turret it gives me more elevation adjustment than I could ever need I may not ever take a shot out of the thousand yards on an elk or a deer but knowing that I’ve practiced it a thousand with this scope.

I can dial my elevation and I have capped wind age on this side I can dial those things in and practice all day long at those extreme ranges that just makes the hunting situation all that much more of a slam-dunk when I get a three 400 yards shot in the field I have the confidence to make that clean kill you can see I’ve got my dope chart here for this particular rifle taped to the stock.

I can pick my yardage on my dope chart after I get a range and I can dial my turret if I need to for example the bull elk I killed last year he was stepped out in a spot where I had a little plenty of time to get a yard is reference my chart and dial the exact yard age for very very precise bullet placement on that bull.

The nice thing about this particular scope is the crossover because I’ve got the chart I’ve got that corresponds with the turret but I’ve also got the BDC dead hold reticle in the scope in more hurried situations where that bull may not stand there very long I have time to get a range getting a gun and make the shot I have corresponding hash marks and that’s a really really nice feature of the scope some of the other key features that I really like about this scope is that it’s not particularly long now I do have the Sun shade on it today and then it allows me to shoot it into the Sun and honestly I find my self using that sun shade more often than not and I really like that because it cuts down glare the lightweight properties of this scope really lend it to a hunting rifle this particular rifle that I have here is quite lightweight it’s also a fairly compact scope it’s read around 14 inches long that’s without the sunshade and so I don’t have a huge piece of glass on an otherwise lightweight rifle I also have a side adjust parallax parallax adjustment here that makes it really quick if I’m a little blurry in my sight picture isn’t what I want it I don’t have to reach out to the end of the objective to adjust it I can dial it right up on the side so I’m crystal-clear this scope has amazing eye relief which in a hunting scope is key because you may not always be able to get exactly tucked in and have all day to make a shot it’s a nice open eye relief box and I’ve got plenty of wiggle room there to spare.

I honestly haven’t found a scope that I like better for this application that’s why it’s sitting on my primary hunting rifle so wrapping it all up today I’ve really really strongly recommend the vortex Viper HS LR this particular model is a 4 to 16 by50 great great crossover rifle scope for those you who like to shoot long range but need a hunting setup as well give this one a look don’t forget to subscribe to East mans’ YouTube channel that way you’re always in tune with what we’re doing here at Eastman’s and you’re gonna get more of these great gear reviews until next time see in the field.

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