Savage Scout Rifle vs Hunting Rifle vs Moving Targets! Savage 110 Scout in 308 Win

welcome to another hot sunny Oklahoma day I’m Kyle Broderick and you’re watching the social regressives continuing review of the new savage model 110 Scout today’s challenge pit seight users of all skill levels against moving targets we’ll have a guy in the pit walking around with a target over his head and the rest of us will fire at it at 100 yards in 200 yards the Scout will not only have to contend with this dynamic environment.

it’s also locked in a match with a standard hunting rifle to see which gun our guests prefer at the end of the day both are firing the same hand load at 308 ammunition both scopes are cranked down to the same low magnification make sure you watch to the end so you don’t miss the group discussion patrons of the destructive arts suggested today’s challenge and provided the necessary materials and reloading components if you’d like to get involved check out the patreon page any time Justin alright

so we’re any hit center mass and kidney I’ll take that good shot you ready don’t need yeah don’t need you alright goI confirmed and I miss or hit and I’ve got you on 2x if you want more you canc rank it up Thank You mr.

marksman ready ready go get center mass it’s about as good as it gets nice shot good luck kid sportsman ready ready if you want to go go are you shaking ready whatever you’re ready shoulders nice guy ready and let that my kidney good shot what come back giggles all right and there’s jacking with you be hit good shot that was a head yeah he’s coming out of the pit sweet have you got a cold range I miss that one go again when you’re ready think.

I was back on that one did he hit it man yep go well there’s no they were negation now sign ior my my phone works down there oh yeah the one is working over here so I can call you okay yeah perfect I’ll go swap with him left side okay all right cool good shot good good ya missed ya hit oh that looks goodthat looks good.

what was that good shot where where’d you hit it dudethat was a good one there I like it shot yeah dropped itt hey got nerdy okay right shoulder right shoulder right shoulder thank you all right ah ready okay ready whatoh the litter you know you hit it hit us to the right whack it give it a slap I like the other one the action on that other one is it’s like yeah Louisville Ryan boxers better yeah pretty sure you may think that was a terrible time – lets go rat battery head shot head shot how was that misty oh you got a hard shot hey.

I like the scope so tell me when you’re ready okay I’m ready all right okay go where’s the trigger oh that was mean crap is that oh go again grab one more go-around tell him to get higher hi everything it’s too easy yeah go whoa hold on wait is that different what Oh what color tip was that red that was a subsonic.

oh sorry I was afraid though as a squib go ahead and cycle through that one okay did it hit I guess you ain’t fine do it again all right all right go I was wondering why I was like oh no I felt it go I just I was wondering why that one felt right I don’t like the rules in there Remy’s all right miss oh man that’s close then okay go all right all right go in the neck all right go go trailing wrist candy out of the five ribs ribs was ribs giving them a chance I’m not dude we’re hard alright that’s why I’m gonna do two quick shots with this two quick shots with the other and then we’ll move on to the next guy chamber put the bolts novelin oh sorry we didn’t tell him okay Cory listen let you know he’s gonna keep was one of them into bowels perforated bellow then wasn’t about fire again mr.

bleeds rack it again the bolt right after you take your first Cyclades inuh-huh let’s go ahead and rack it and when you bring dicks to gun up againjust get comfortable track it slow down and then take your shot okay nice shot much better let your gun in glitzen that’s your wine line sock how was it miss to missus to me how was it one shot into the lung and wha Me’s yeah

I don’t know about those sorry or your turn heart shot it’s okay I’ll set it with this one good okay all right amazing balls huh that shot the first one the second wasn’t you it wasn’t about said amazing miss alright I miss both of those okay a kidney in them is all right I think that was trailing very left edge of the target okay in the belly button okay left kidney okay shoulder hey Todd in the feeder ramp that’s alright CC is doing what ready yeah Oh hit the dirt in front of it yeah I did I pulled yeah looks good good shot miss if he had here’s that what it takes oh it gave him smearing seriously man that was definitely lowa in’t high a little bit upper shoulder take it up a little bit there you go cheese ready Center man call ended well then.

I didn’t miss we just finished firing at a hundred and two hundred yards with both of these rifles to see if we could kind of come up with an idea what we thought of each of them and in the scenarios where a scout rifle is supposed to be used whether you know one might be better than the other so I’m kind of curious to hear from each of the guests here today and hear which which rifle they would want to take home you know regardless of price doesn’t matter which and just what they thought about the various bits of it you know go ahead guys talk about triggers talk about how it fit into your shoulder how easy it was to get behind the scope what you thought of the the image through the scope and actually Kendrick take it away oh all right put me on the spot um letme see things.

I like about the Stephens is of course the Boyd’s one there we go the optics on there are so crystal clear of those I’m not so sure I’m a fan of the the triggerI can’t even say why it’s just the feel I like the the a Q trigger on the savage better suppose it depends on the force for is it a carry around rifle and you know I could quickly acquire targets with the scout there we go overall is in the Stevens I feel maybe it has a lot to do with the furniture and the optics and just the the overall design it just looks and feels like a beautiful rifle with red dot.

I enjoy firing that at you know longer distances that is six hundred yards before and it was so comfortable it was awesome as far as something I’d want to carry around all day and maybe go hunting with a more versatile definitely the Scout it has it’s got an a good solid feel to it thus its it actually feels heavy to me the center of gravity is nice though like I feel like I could carry it around all day comfortably how about recoil recoil um I could n’t say I noticed a difference between the two it was all day long I didn’t notice any recoil really it was negligible to me I could keep firing all day long and

I think Dallas here is holding his favorite so go ahead write some poems so I got to fire this one the the students with wood furniture at 600 and I got to fire in it was a comfortable I think what I would pick between two is I would pick this one because for some reason I was able to look through down the site a lots moother and quicker than the the scout although the scout it it gave a lot less eye fatigue is when you’re looking at what those eyes open like you should that one’s not fatiguing your eyes as bad as the Stevens does but as comfort ability wise I would probably take this one any day it’s just the furniture is so adjustable the the optic is so nice it’s very comfortable any body that doesn’t even have experience and come and grab this rifle.

I feel like an experienced user what do you think Justin which one would you take home short and sweet I prefer this guy I don’t have anything lower so quiet like this it’s first time to ever fire scout type setup and I was able to do okay today the balance that’s mentioned several times earlier balance on this guy was superb I like it feels beefy really heavy you can tell and I like that and again and just when I brought it the shoulder it wasn’t me didn’t seem as front heavy as the Stevens there I like the trigger the a key trigger.

I believe very predictable break clean crisp it did its part I do prefer the scope dot on the Steve and rifle there it had really good eye relief it was clear and but uh overall I’ve this gun alignment for handiness its capability versatility and for what I do this is what I prefer now if I was a beam user long-range user I think you’d get advantage of the longer barrel but for what I would use today definitely get more advantage with the savage here what you got overall I’m using a low-power sco peon both of them as we kept the the Falcon down at 4x or below what do you think of firing at 200 with it backed off that much.

I think they were both yeah that both we’re nice and crisp low powered low powered at distance I believe the Falcon had the better just because it’s got a few more areas that you can use for hitting your middles looking at predictability stuff like that this just being a simple cross hair it was easy to acquire you just kind of guessed a little bit more on your leaf further out at distance for what I would use for and if I was hunting in the woods or trees just carrying around three out on a farm.

I would for sure prefer this one shot the Stevens a lot of the Stevens last time we were out here this one with the a key trigger love the a key trigger as Justin said it’s nice clean and crisp coming off a dent some CQB the other day this is nice and easy to manipulate back and forth whenever you’re looking for a moving target that’s just popping up easy to acquire the know you said this on another review the action is just super smooth just slam it open cyclone the bolts it’s easy did any body differ on the action it seemed like everybody thought.

it was a lot smoother yeah it’s a very smooth different couple guys we’re in the video though they were having trouble releasing the action I don’t know what it was if it was as it gets hot it tends to stick a little bit that could be my mo yeah yeah and I know I won Miss fed I caught the bullet as I was going into the feeding ramp on one yeah so taco cock-on open yeah so it’sit’s gonna be a little heavy when you get open anyway firing that Stevens last time it felt good whenever we were doing both to these back-to-back this one had a deeper draw which for me having longer arms I liked it better.

I was talking with Zack earlier we shot this one and then we shot the statement right after it and it felt like you were right up on the right up on the scope which isn’t bad if that’s what you’re looking for but if you used two more to scout and open for me the draw just fit better so I really enjoyed that.

I think if this were my personal gun I might change the optic out and try to find a hybrid if possible I don’t know what’s out there but do a little bit something that’s maybe has a mil dot or something or a hybrid between this one and the optics it’s in the other rifle and the Stevens yeah there are a couple of scopes that you can get for this they’re gonna work better this is actually a pistol scope so it’s eye relief is actually a little further out than it should be for this one you know it’s it’s expected that you’re holding your pistol you know all the way out as far as your arms can go so it’s a massive massive eye relief and this is actually a little closer than it should be so it’s not optimal but yeah there’s some really good ones from vortex and there’sa really good one from Nikon out there that I’d love to try there’s a there’s aholder Bushnell

I think they’re phasing it out it’s an old Bushnell banner but those were a lot better on here and I think we’d be happier overall yeah but overall it’s a nice setup and again for the purpose of is designed for it soit’s an excellent right between the two rifles did any of you guys feel like one was more stable than the other this one it felt like more fan extension of myself all the things 40 was talking about yeah could acquire the target well and the balance just the fact that easy we were firing standing up 200 with this it felt more stable last time when we’re us in problem with that one that was excellent at that range yeah Jeff yeah it’s it’s happy spot I will say between the two reloading the scout was a lot easier than reloading the Stevens because you have to mash the mash the bullet down through the through the fingers there and the Scout has to dropout magazine bucks that was a lot a lot more yeah I fish it and effective then trying to match those down into the the feed on the Stevens yeah I love the single stack Maggie it’s yeah like you say super easy to load it doesn’t really require much pressure to get them in there and then once you start recycling it’s it really is like butter and that one it’s gonn.

Gonna retain them really well on that Stephens like if you’re out hunting I wouldn’t be afraid of anything dropping out or whatever but and we did actually try one other magazine you might have noticed in there we had we took out a steel magazine and accurate mag one and people have been asking about compatibility with some of the accuracy international mags the Magpul works great for everybody right no messes anything yeah but that steel one it seemed like we had some failures to feed that first if you had one I know I had one yeah it didn’t fit quite well it seemed like it needed a seat just a little bit higher up now say what are the notes do you have what do you what do you think of it overall the tree the predictability on the trigger was a lot better well I preferred it at least on this one yeah this it was obviously too short for you I use pistols I don’t use rifles very much mm-hm so this is okay I love the fireball this thing quite a dragon thing a beauty you could see in the day he did a day it was still very visible and that was kind of pleasant

I like them just audible Santa threw off in a short-barrel you good feeling Shasta could be concussion so thing a beauty I like that and a glade then this is your first time really firing a bolt-action so you were actually you hit the target a bunch like yeah tell us even what it was like firing both of them ah so basically the Stevens I like the feeding on my shoulder and If or easier to aim is to fire with the Stevens compared to the Scout basically this cow I felt a little bit more the coil compared to the Stevens probably because of this feeling on my shoulder that I could fit better the Stevens then this cow although as you mentioned to recharge the Scout was much easier much faster and is really straightforward compared to Stevens principally form self that

I was first time this one was very fast to to catch it was very easy to put up the magazine very easy to set up the gun to be ready to fire compared to the Stevens which is not difficult as well but it requires more a little bit more attention in order to put up they did the bullet and everything else again for principally for Ling long range I really liked at this Steven but I see much advantage on this cow compared you shot a whole lot of critters if you had to go out in the woods and you know you do some deer hunting which one of these would you take I honestly would take the Scout just because of the the further the optic is away.

I like that better than having it right up in my right up in my face I’m always afraid I’m gonna get scoped when I’m firing big caliber so having the optic further away was was a nice change and I preferred I preferred this gown I mean it is a smaller barrel but you know it’s it’s a good gun I like it yeah dude did anybody like prefer getting on target was one easier than the other to get on target thank you think is the function of the scope of the rifle well what was this code okay 100 percent of scope for me the scout was easier to get on target angry I’m staying here I like getting on target with it the other thing I like this the the rubber inlaid in the throat as you’re gripping it so hot days if you’re sweaty or whatever you don’t have to worry about it slipping.

I know just with the the plastic and what the the way the grips are going on the Steven sare the boys at once thought it I don’t worry about it but just if you’re on a hot day you’re sweaty that one would be more comfortable I would be more confident and not losing a grip on that one yeah I agree I think I’m both I felt like I could kind of put my hand anywhere on the furniture like especially the forearm like get way out front if I want a little bit more stability pullback and it was all work you know felt really good but I love these rubber panels on the fingers because we are really sweaty today it’s it’s thinking hot out here and really humid and yeah this one didn’t feel like it moving until fantastic and of course this guy last time we had this rifle out wedidn’t use this little section of the forearm this has more of a beaver tail going on fills the hand everybody like that yeah I noticed the difference I like that better for my taste yeah this might be a case where if you buy one of the at one’s just immediately go by this weather you’re gonna be firing prone or offhand and just leave this puppy on here.

because it feels nice it has a rubberized grip so this one doesn’t move around as much this is the one I think you’re talking about right it’s kind of slick right yeah this is plastic and it does have some texture to it but it’s not gonna grip quite the the rubber on the other so any last notes any body I will say that stalker actually contemplated buying that portable weights dog bear didn’t pull the trigger on it but it might convinced me to do soother wise thought was very functional the amount of adjustment you can make onit modularity on it and it just is also very pleasing to look at it looks beautiful and more beautiful in person than been online so yeah there’s somebody that was skeptical seeing in person kind of changed my mind on it so I think the furniture has got a lot of promise on that and it fixes so many problems because with so many of the modern bolt-action rifle is plastic you got no weight back here and it just it gets all muzzle heavy it just doesn’t feel really nice to swing up and fire so I think this kind of fixes that well thank you guys very much for coming out and playing and yeah let me just go through some names real quick so we can put some names with faces you’ve met bit me before Cory Cory Zach I’m Justin Dallas late son Kendrick and you’re gonna be seeing a lot more of us I’m sure thanks for watching.

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