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Pulsar Night Vision hey y’all my name is Jason Robertson I’m the owner of outdoor legacy gear we specialize in night vision and accessories today I want to talk to you about the all new pulsar trail XP 50 thermal rifle scopes the trail series is the latest Pulsar Night Vision thermal rifle scope lineup from pulsar and there’s going to be five different models they’re going to range from 2799 all the way up to the XP 50 which is the top-of-the-line unit for 4999 i want to go ahead and show you some of the features here that the XP 50 is going to have its going to be at 640 x 480 Corps at 17 microns it’s got a fast 50 Hertz frame rate and a 1.

8 magnification built in internal video recorder picture-in-picture zooming and a custom app with live streaming a lot of great features that are built into this unit and I think you’re going to be really impressed by it so let’s go ahead and get right into the video clips one thing that I do want to note these were recorded internally so the quality is very good however there is some degrading in the image quality simply because they’ve been recorded they’ve been saved on a computer they were edited they were saved back then they were uploaded. You can learn about how to adjust rifle scope by click here.


so the image that you actually see is going to be good but not quite as good as what you would see in the actual unit while you’re using it one thing you’ll notice if you look up in the upper left hand corner there’s a little symbol that says re see that just shows that the unit is actually recording and you’ll see how that’s kind of pixelated and degraded a little bit and that just kind of shows you some of the loss on the video quality through all the editing process.

so I just want you to see that and realize that what you see again is a very good video but it would be a little bit clearer when you’re actually using the unit I tested the XP 50 at 50 100 and 150 yards so let’s go ahead and jump into these video clips and let’s talk about them real quick as we go along here we are at 50 yards you can see we’re in the white-hot I would also ignore the time stamp done at the bottom I did not set the clocks on these demo units so that’s incorrect now we’re going to switch over to the black hot mode and as you can see it’s a really nice sharp clear image you can see the sharp defined edges of the arms and legs the head there.

so it’s not fuzzy you’re just getting a really nice clear image there here we are at a hundred yards you’re going to see that I quickly pan over to the left and there is a white-tailed deer standing it a little over a hundred and fifty yards eating corn didn’t seem to mind us being down there I only have a short clip of the deer so I’m going to freeze frame this I wish it was tending broadside.

but it’s not I just want you to be able to see how clear the images of the deer that you can clearly identify it as a deer and not a coyote not a hog again if those broadside it would be even better also I should have noted this before but all of these videos were shot in the base magnification of 1.

6 power so there’s no zoom used in any of the videos that we’ve shot it off we’re now back at 100 yards in the black hot mode now we’re now at 150 yards

I apologize for any shakiness in the video that’s just from when I was trying to push the button to change to the Black hawk mode you’ve now seen what the trail XP 50 will do at 50 100 and 150 yards I did want to show you one more thing this is a still image.

I took you can see there to the left and slightly above the center of the reticle is a small square that is a two foot by two foot still target hanging and it’s at exactly 250 yards again we’re at the base magnification of 1.

6 power the furthest tree line that you can see back there straight behind the target is 440 yards the last big oak tree that you can see which is over to the right towards the back wood line is around 306 75 to 400 yards the giffs gives you a good idea of how clear the image is even if those distances if

you have any questions or you’d like to purchase the pulsar trail XP 50 or any other night vision or accessories you can go to our online store outdoor legacy gear calm or you can give us a call we’ll put both the link and our phone number below you can also go to our online store and use the contact us form to send us an email

we’ll be glad to reply to you that way as well if you do give us a call and nobody answers please leave us a message we’re super busy but we’ll be very glad to call you back just as quick as we can again my name is Jason at outdoor a legacy gear and I just want to say thank you for taking the time to watch this video.

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