Multiple Home Defense Guns, Dots on Pistols & Overthinking It

Thinking about Guns

You may be thinking where to buy pricing guns. There could be several questions. Would like to know how you felt about having multiple guns throughout your house, thoroughly hidden. For instance, where you are downstairs at night, getting something to drink or anything like that and get a surprise burglar. Thought it would be smart to have a small pistol in a drawer, or somewhere easy and quick to get to, just rare cases where you aren’t in the room next your protection gun. I don’t disagree with that at all. I would just say, if you’ve small kids, got to be aware of that–so you have it secure. And then, if you’re going to put something in a drawer, make sure that you get the trigger covered at all times, so that if that drawer comes in and out through daily use and then something finds its way to tuck into the trigger guard, you don’t have a discharge, of sort.

But having multiple guns is not a problem. Thing is that having multiple guns all around your house tends to end up– you end up having this thing like you have Alzheimer’s, and you’re trying to find Easter eggs. Like, you forget where they are, so under stress you would need to know exactly where there are. And you would think that, oh, I put it here, I’ll remember it, but just remember how many times you’ve had to go searching for your car keys or your phone, and forgot where you put it–that could very well happen.

If you’re going to stage them throughout your house, then you probably need to regularly go by and visualize them, and make sure they’re there. But I will say that if you’ve got small kids, probably not the best idea, because small kids are curious. Also, if you have guests over at your house, like, you’re throwing a party, and they go looking for an ice cream scoop and they open that drawer and they find your Whackmaster 5000, at the very minimum you may freak them out. But worst case, they could get curious– especially if they’ve been liquored up– grab it, and treat it like a toy.

So things to consider–but no, on just the auspice of the question, I don’t disagree that at all what are your thoughts on a dot sight on an EDC pistol. I carry a G17 and have been considering adding a dot to increase accuracy, but don’t have much experience with them. I shoot proficiently with iron sights, and can see how a dot may bean advantage under stress, especially when you may have a limited amount of target visible. Your thoughts? I carry a XS Big Dot sight on my Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 26. So yes, I agree with them, especially for EDC.

If you want to do competition or something like that then you may want to get something that’s a little bit thinner and more competitive in design. But Big Dots are good, that’s what I carry should I switch guns/manufacturers to fill needed roles–i.e., the P226 when I’m walking the dog at night, then Shield.40 on daily errands, and Kahr PM40 in non-permissive– by practice, not law– environment, or should I just use a P224for daily errands for muscle memory? What’s his name again? Jimmy from Stanford, Connecticut. Jimmy, from Stanford–dude, it sounds like you’re over thinking this.

So here’s what I’ll tell you–the gun you’re proficient with, that’s the one we carry, if we don’t like the size or ergonomics we find another gun, that’s that, and we become proficient in that. Switching guns, it can become a problem when we’re dealing with accuracy, because you’re going from sizes, and recoil, and calibers and we want to make sure that because we’re responsible for every bullet that we have one gun that we’re like, no kidding, we got it.

We can make this work when our life is dependent on it, when we’re 100% under stress. So don’t over think what gun to use when, and where, and I use this gun for that and this, and the other. So make sure that you’re proficient. Now if you’re proficient on all of them, then I guess this statement would be null and void, but make sure you’re good on at least one of those, and try to make that work as best you can for all your different environments and then if you do want different guns that hold more bullets or whatever, for whatever reason, that it’s well within that same ergonomic platform that you’re currently using to carry every day. So that we’re not having to remember to deactivate a safety on one, or the safety is located in another, this one doesn’t have a safety, this one is single action, this one is double action, this is single-double–whatever the differences may be, we want to make sure that we have consistency throughout our weaponry, so that we don’t have to think about it.

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