How to improve your aim?

hello YouTube Happy New Year and welcome to my channel it’s D Hidden here and today I decided to create a series of videos that will help you guys improve your game play in World of Tanks let’s get started in this video we’re going to talk about aiming and how important is aiming in World of Tanks and the answer is aiming is really important in World Of Tanks first thing you need to do is to adjust the sensitivity on your mouse some people do it outside the game and inside you but remember you can just work with the inside sensitivity if you want you so remember to get into the control settings and adjust these two settings to your liking now let’s talk about pre aiming.

why pre aiming is important in World of Tanks pre aiming in World of Tanks is really important because of two main aspects aim time and turret traverse speed so remember to always keep your aim in a position where an enemy could be cause in that way your turret will not have to move at all or just a bit and your aim time is gonna be small not only that but if you learn to master pre aim you will always manage to do the first shot will always manage to bounce some shots because just consider that you’re in an armored tank if you keep your turret towards the enemy all the time that means the chances of him bounce you are bigger and now I’m gonna show you some examples of pre aim from my games and now let’s talk about how can you improve your aim in world of tanks without just playing the game how can you improve those skills like reaction how can you improve your accuracy and for that I’m gonna introduce you guys to a website this is aim400kg.

Com it’s a website designed with small games that will help you improve your aim you can improve your accuracy you are flexes your quickness there are lots of small games to do that and just practice five minutes every day and I promise you after one week you’re gonna feel a big difference in your aim for now I’m just gonna give you guys a sample on like two games we’re having here so o you guys get what is going on this is like a press reaction is just how fast you react we’re gonna have a red ball there when the red ball turn so arrange or yellow we press like this yellow and we have 0-200 response time now we have a better response time now we have a really bad one

because I was not ready and we got a good one again so you got the point let us get something else like accuracy I’m not talking cause it’s very hard to focus but you get the point about these games you might wonder how are these little games gonna help you so let’s consider is the end of the game it’s a 1v1situation where you’re a one shot and the enemy tank is a one shot if you have a better reflex better reaction you’re gonna kill your enemy first that means you’re gonna win them the game let’s say an enemy is appearing to your right side and your aim is in another way your accuracy training is really good that means you’re gonna turn around and shoot him perfectly in a weak spot not in a spot where you cannot pen it these are just two examples just remember to keep practicing and I’m pretty sure your game play is going to improve your aim is gonna be better one more thing for this video to work the key is practice the practice any time you get the chance .

I’m promising you you’re gonna feel a difference you’re gonna get better not only in World of Tanks and in any game at the end because this is my first tutorial I will appreciate if you guys give me any feedback if you liked the video like it if you didn’t like the video dislike it if you guys have anything to say about this video like what I could have done better you can comment on it appreciate any feedback thanks for watching and have a great day.

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