How to Flick Shot

Hey what’s going on guys it’s Ascend Daz shere. Today We are going to cover an in depth guide on how to Drag shot in Battlefield 5.

Battlefield games are unique for sniping where every second matters and with the TTK being so fast you have to be just as agile to get the kill.

Remember that being quick is only part of the puzzle to being a better player. You can be strong mechanically but you always need good game sense and I always urge having the better positioning. This will cover mostly PC but the concept can be applied to console in terms of overall mindset and steps you can take to improve. Such as High sens, stick grips, and practice location. Drag shots is a tool within your skill set such as a pop shot, leading shot, hard scope, or as we will cover today a drag shot.

It can also be known as a flick shot or some call a snap. A recon essentially has this as their biggest tool kit it being an extension of the assault class.

If you cannot aim and get better positioning you will be punished as your tool kit has nothing else besides this. It’s why you are given a beacon and a flare to know where your enemy is. Remember to note as you practice a drag shot that doing drag shots constantly on an enemy is not exactly the most efficient way to aim.

As you can see in this shot here I try and predict the location and adjust the aim to where the target ended up. The fastest most effective way to get the kill is to have the shot lined up before any of that is needed. It’s it a tool and be careful not to always rely on it or you will tire yourself out and it leads to unpredictable encounters.

Again, seconds matter.You need to be able counter with a drag shot and is why it is vital. Real quick will cover some of the settings that help you improve your base drag shot technique. A drag shot is muscle memory and not a shot you think about.

If you miss a drag shot it is because you are overthinking or not comfortable. For some quick settings I run 0% sensitivity in game and 1800 DPI. 45 inches per 360 or 44 centimeter for 360. To find your inches or CM per 360 hit a mark on the wall and spin til you see it or use a website to help calculate it like Mouse-Sensitivity. I personally prefer to drag my arm as it helps with my consistency.

I did run high sensitivity long time ago and found it was harder for me to be consistent. I usually cramped up, got tense, or cold it messed up my shot. My arm just overall felt more consistent.

For those using lower sens the speed comes with time and practice. There is no right or wrong with sensitivity though. Running a higher sens can give you a faster speed also if you are comfortable.

I want to cover mice and mouse pads just slightly on why I run my mouse to help you decide on your own. This is also a comfort item, note that comfort and muscle memory is a re occurring theme here.

I have utilized the G903, G305, G PRO Wireless,and the G403.The G903 was the heaviest but the nicest to hold.

For drag shots on a lower sens it can be more cumbersome to use drag your mouse for hours on end. The G403 was fantastic but I used a bungie to remove the wire. I have a bit of a OCD when in the heat of the moment I can forget about my cable. So not having a cable for wireless removes one more thing I have to manage. Best rifle scope for deer hunting.

Again a personal preference thing.The G PRO wireless feels like the G403 but is a 80g mouse and without the wire is fantastic for low sens players if you enjoy that shape And finally the G305 is great if on a budget and when modded like I have on stream with a lithium battery triple AAA converter, different mouse feet, and remove the back gets the mouse to 76g.

Again, this comes all to comfort for pull off a proper drag shot. Doesn’t matter if the mouse has the best sensor,because if you can’t stand the shape or it makes your hand feel off then so will your shot.

The way you hold your mouse can have an impact and have a list of way you can hold your mouse and see what might suit your style as your research different mouse. My grip is a fingertip grip. Mouse pads depend on the user.

I prefer Logitech or Glorious PC Gaming mouse pads as they are smoother and have less resistance on them. Reason I prefer this is when I glide to my target I want it to be fast and smooth.

For a high sens perhaps having the resistance on a cloth pad could be preferred as it helps you identify in your hand where you are moving the mouse.

I don’t prefer hard surface because they pullover time and some parts of the mats become inconsistent. Also they run down the mouse feet very quickly if you are moving all over the place on a hard surface.

So 100% for drag shot consistency I can reliable say go cloth. Some could argue that it would help to have a hard surface for faster glide but again goes back to the consistency. Also, need comfort for consistency.

Some other quick settings that can affect your drag shot the most is GOV and ADS FOV on or OFF.This changes how much of the screen you see.

If you have the FOV lower then it feels more cramped and have to memorize the space further out of your camera to drag. And if it is higher than you can see more but the targets will appear smaller. So it can require more precision mentally to hit. ADS FOV applies the FOV when aiming down sights.

I prefer 101 personally I hope digging into my mindset helps you decide on what you should chose. Because every person is different and will adjust differently. Now for how to practice we are going to utilize the new test range for a consistent location to practice. I prefer the 6x as a high zoom is what I used in every battlefield for the most part, I just have developed a comfort level on it.

Drag shots can exist on Iron sites but they will feel much smaller in movement. Something to note. Don’t go too crazy drag shooting when you have your aim already centered and are close to the target.

Drag shots are there not to show off but to make quick corrections. But of course when the correction is done well, it does look really epic. Now let’s find a consistent target, when practicing you want to start small and move in slow. I recommend when practicing not to go too crazy but doing this even 5 – 10 minutes a day will get you crazy consistency.

Start off slow so you give your hand or body time memorize the movement and visually see the target it helps. So this overall will help build consistency. Also keep it consistent where you can seethe target then move outside where you cannot see the target anymore.

Also to add when your starting off slow as you begin to improve to go faster and faster and faster and increase the speed as you feel more comfortable. Movement can affect a drag shot in Battle field which is the control stat also for snipers.

I will cover the control stat are greater length in tomorrow’s video. But, visually but I want touch on it here as it does affect what you can see.

Note that movement from the lightened stock can really have an impact so just keep slow and consistent at the start and as you improve and get better you might prefer that high movement utilize the lightened stock.

Start only with stationary targets and move slowly into the moving targets as you learn to feel super comfortable.Do not get discouraged if you hop into a game after a week of practice and find you cant snap.

Remember drag shots is a way to reflex and kill not as a means to use and it happens when you least expect it. But players do move differently.

Be sure to note that within the test range here are various ways that you can obviously practice. Making targets pop in various areas and practice centering your aim.Building fundamentals though are extremely important. If you don’t have a good base you can’t improve.

Note as you practice, It is all about fine tuning and finding what magnification can feel best. One setting can really impact is uniform soldier aiming so the aim is consistent across all zooms.

I prefer not to run Uniform soldier aiming just because I have played PC when it didn’t exist and mentally it makes sense for when I zoom it that it is slower. Also the slower sens in helps my drag shots. This is my own personal preference. Note drag shots can happen in all directions from up, down, left and right. Practice each side and find the one you are weakest at and practice. My weakest is left to right. Right to left feels the best for me.

A recap and additional things that affect drag shots are Muzzle Velocity as it will require you drag further than the target or closer Movement speed as you move in and out of cover and Control Stat each gun has.

The Krag has the best and the Kar98 has the worst. Remember Comfort, consistency, and practice. I hope you found this guide helpful, if you did be sure and leave a like and if you didn’t a dislike.

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