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Does what are glue guns used for is important to you. The Millionaire Patriot wants you armed & trained. Get a free hand gun!Plus five days of training and a 30-state concealed weapons permit for pennies on the dollar. Dr.Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is known as “The Millionaire Patriot” by his hundreds of thousands of students because he has provided millions of dollars in free and discounted firearms training to help law-abiding citizens secure what he refers to as, “The Comfort of Skill at Arms”. The Millionaire Patriot wants you to secure a free handgun plus five days of training including a 30-state concealed weapons permit for pennies on the dollar. Dr.Piazza puts his money where his mouth is to positively change the image of gun ownership by arming and training law-abiding citizens. “Dr.Piazza has a solution, and what he’s done is amazing.

He has taken a training institution and turned it into a organization that can support the Second Amendment, that can change public opinion, and that can train individuals so that they use firearms effectively and responsibly.  Dr.Piazza understands that the political battle that we’re in is not one that brooks compromise and certainly no compromise a tall is allowable when we’re defending what’s left — as little as it may be — of our Second Amendment freedoms. Thousands have already taken advantage of the Millionaire Patriot’s generosity and you can too. If you act quickly. If you act fast, here is what you get: 4-Day Defensive Handgun Certificate that allows you to allow a $2,000,4-day defensive handgun course at any time in the future with no expiration date.

You will proudly tell them: Front Sight. Course value: $2,000, being the best shooter in your group of shooting buddies? Priceless. 1-day, 30-state Concealed Weapon Permit Course that gives you all the training, paperwork signed off, fingerprints and certficates to apply for permits in Florida, Nevada and Utah. Reciprocity agreements in place allow you to carry a concealed handgun in over 30 states. Course value: $500. Comfort of being armed wherever you go and trained to handle anything? Priceless. All 7 Front Sight Dry Practice Manuals, each over 100 pages with photos of all the techniques Front Sight teaches Value: $280.? Priceless. Limited edition stainless steel folding knife with Front Sight logo etched in the handle. If Front Sight sold a logo knife in their pro shop — which they don’t — it would be priced at $300 or more. You get it as part of this package. Knife value: $300. Priceless. Front Sight instructor belt, holster, magazine pouch, flashlight holder and flashlight – all the right gear you need to wear on your belt for a 4-Day Defensive Handgun course. Gear value: $230.

Knowing you’re outfitted for your first Front Sight course with the same gear the Front Sight instructors wear? Priceless. Front Sight logo armorer’s bench mat, measuring approximately 16 by 12 inches featuring the Front Sight logo and exploded view disassembly diagrams for the 1911 pistol, XD pistol and AR15 rifle on it. Armorer’s bench mat value:$40. Having a Front Sight padded mat to clean and work on guns? Front Sight students proudly wear their Front Sight shirts all over the country.

Our students wear them to shooting ranges, gun shows, rock concerts, Disney Land and even church. Shirt value:$30. Wearing it to your liberal brother-in-law’s house party? Priceless. Front Sight logo hat. If you don’t know what Condition Yellow is, you really need to take a course at Front Sight! Hat value: $20. Priceless. Stop pinching yourself, this is not a dream. “I am a police officer in New York, Long Island. And I’ve been a cop for 26 years.

because after my first And I’ve talked to other police officers, I’ve talked to military people, and those who have been out here and who have been to other schools have all said the same thing. If you want the best training, this is the place to come. I just wish that there was some way to convey to women the sense of freedom that comes with being proficient with a firearm. There’s freedom from being a victim, freedom from fear, confidence. These are all things that are a direct result of having firearms training. It’s something that every woman can obtain. It’s reachable for anyone that is willing to give it a chance, but you have to give it a chance.

You get everything you need for your first Front Sight 5-Day handgun course.You get the 4-Day Defensive Handgun Course – $2000value, plus the 1-day, 30-state CCW course – $500 value, all 7 dry practice manuals – $280 value, limited edition stainless steel folding knife with Front Sight logo etched on it – $300 value, Front Sight armorer’s bench mat – $40 value, Front Sight “Any gun will do – if you will do” shirt – $30 value, Front Sight logo hat – $20 value, Front Sight instructor belt, holster, mag pouch, flashlight pouch and flashlight – $230 value, it’s all included. The gear, knife, logo merchandise, dry practice manuals, even the gun-cleaning mat, plus everything you need to secure permits to carry concealed in more than 30 states. That’s $3400 in real value. So, what is it going to cost you? Only $1199. This is a 3-1 exchange in your favor. That’s right! The Millionaire Patriot is paying the difference of $2,200 so you can get the training you need.

And it gets even better if you can act fast, before the free guns Dr. Piazza set aside for you are gone. Here’s your free hand gun, compliments of Front Sight’s founder and director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the Millionaire Patriot. 40S&W,or. 45ACP. This is another $600 in value, absolutely free. This makes the entire package a 4-1 exchange in your favor! Now you see why the hundreds of thousands of Front Sight students call Dr. Piazza the Millionaire Patriot. But you must act quickly. Even the Millionaire Patriot has his limits.

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