Falcon M18+ 4-18x44mm – Budget long-range scope for the Savage Axis

over a year ago I launched an experiment to turn a budget deer rifle like this axis into a long-range precision rifle if you were following this playlist from the beginning you know that the experiment was pretty much a success the rifle itself was excellent and I was able to take it to a 600 yard match and prove it

it actually came out pretty well there were a couple of problems make sure that you subscribe to see how we address some of these problems and we’re definitely breaking the budget by now the original was about five hundred dollars for the whole budget and thatdidn’t get us much it got us primarily this sim in six to 24 by 44 millimeter mill dot scope which had some issues mostly with the glass the glass was keeping me from getting small groups like I really need.

when I get out to 600and a thousand yards now we’re continuing with the experiment like I said and we’re doing some upgrades like the butt pad here which helps with comfort a whole lot this makes this a much more fun gun to fire we’re putting a bipodon the front and most importantly we are swapping out that scope so what we’re looking at today this is a falcon em 18 Plus this is a scope that comes out of the UK it is made in China like most of the stuff now.

but it is designed in the UK and it is a very fine scope I was really excited to take this out two days ago to see what I could do with this to kind of contrast it with you know some of the other optics that I’ve used on this rifle and try it out and this thing is really nice let’s take a close look as far as I can tell the m18 plus is optically mechanically identical to its older brother the m18 which is a really good thing the m18 had a good formula going for it it’s a tactical style of scope so you have you know great big turrets you can grab up here you don’t have any turret caps you have a 30 millimeter tube with 24 milli radians up and down left and right. https://shootingaim.com/nikon-buckmasters-waterproof-matte-rifle-scope-review/

so you get quite a bit of adjustment there you have kind of a medium range on the your magnification so you have four – 18which is a really good spread 18 is fine for you know everything including Varmanting I’ve done varmint in with 14x 18x is quite nice and then you can get pretty low if you’re gonna be taking shots at closer ranges or at larger animals you have side focus which I much prefer over adjustable objectives adjustable objectives are a real pain in the neck when you’re trying to roll focus on an object that is might possibly be popping back down into its hole like a prairie dog it’s a real pain to get out here and try to adjust this.

so it’s really nice to have everything right up here both the elevation and wind age turrets adjust point one Miller radians per click and ten milli radians all the way around so you get quite a bit of adjustment and you have adecently fine adjustment on both of these some of the goodies that come with the scope include a pair of stack able sun shades I use both of these since a lot of the time I am taking shots pretty much directly into the Sun at least the Sun is very low on the horizon I want as little glare as possible you also get these upgraded flip caps these are quite a bit better than the ones that came on the m18 these just feel more solid and they seal up very tightly so you get one on the back and one on the front and while we’re talking about upgrades let’s take a look at this new elevation turret knob this is a little bit larger india meter and it has a sort of checker ring here at the top so it’s pretty easy to grab it just makes it a little bit more precise.

when you’re making these turns instead of having to look at the the small graduations on the other model this one makes everything a little bit bigger it’s a little bit easier to use we also have a new zoom ring this is enlarged and this is setup so you can easily read what magnification you’re on just by picking your head up a little bit you don’t have to move very far with most scopes you have to come all the way off the scope in order to see what magnification.

you’re on and on this you just pick your head up a little bit and you can see pretty slick now for the most important questions starting with what is the glass like since the glass was the Achilles heel of the last scope and the last scope was the Achilles heel of the whole rifle system this one is pretty important to me and I’m really happy to say that this is vastly improved this is excellent excellent glass not just better than the Simmons that’s kind of a silly comparison the Simmons glass is pretty bad but it did fool me on the the garbage bin Oh truth.

when I tried to find what resolution it was both the se came out quite well but this one works all the time every time that I get to you know maximum adjustment on one of the dials or if I’m out in all kinds of different ranges this glass always performs I was able to read mirages very easily when I was out on the range and I was able to shrink my group significantly take a look at this this is 600 yards at a man silhouette target here’s the big white dot that I was aiming at at 600 yards and here’s my group there’s one two three four five and that’s not in order.

I don’t know which shots were first I imagine that these were the first two and these will later but this is indicating something good even though it is a big group the total vertical dispersion is not that big it’s all within my hand at 600 yards and over here it’s definitely within my hand as far as the vertical goes and what we have is a lot of horizontal displacement and that is just because the wind is really tricky today red castle was known for shifting winds and we definitely got them today the Mirage was just all over the place sometimes it was going left to right sometimes right to left sometimes boiling and I’m trying to read the grass and the flags and I think we’re actually dealing with multiple winds at the same time which again is very common here the winds will actually swirl but I think that the scope is doing its job so as long as.

I do my job better in the future of reading the wind then I think this thing will be fantastic at the the matches and you might remember with these Simmons that we are swapping the scope out for the group used to be basically from this point up to here you have this massive vertical stringing so this is tightening everything back up and it’s my job to tighten up the wind age the news is good on this end of the scope – you don’t have to hunt and peck trying to find the image there’s a really forgiving eye relief you can be a little closer you can be a little bit further and it’s just really easy to get on this thing the other big question that we need to ask is whether it is mechanically precise and I’m referring both to the turrets and to the reticle itself.

I tested both of these in the field work some silhouette animals and both of these work just great it was really easy to get on targets anywhere from 200 meters out to 600 yards which is where the the humanoid silhouette was we had Rams at 550 we had turkeys at 400and pigs at 300 meters and everything was very precise on this thing the the turrets worked great everything came back to zero and the reticle which is aB 20 this is a brad ban 20 it’s a very nice fine reticle I think that this one strikes a really good balance between having the finest that you want for Varman ting and it’s not so fine you’re gonna lose it when you’re trying to hunt other animals and this one the m18 plus has the option of second focal plane or SFP or first focal plane ffp this model is the SF p1 they wanted me to try this out this one costs a little bit less this is $320 and the the first focal plane like this older M 18 here.

this is running for about 350 and both of those prices are excellent I’ll keep my notes brief on the SF P versus FFP issue but I think there’s a lot of misinformation out there a lot of people assume that a second focal plane reticle is inferior to one that places the reticle in the first focal plane and I really think that nothing could be further from the truth I perceive both of these as totally unique animals and each one is going to be better at a certain thing I’m going to get into this on another video so wait for that but suffice it to say for what I’m doing here target work or varminting something like that this is actually going to be my preferred reticle a second focal plane and thisb20 that we’re using is a really good match for that.

I was able to test this out and you can really stretch out the shots and in a lot of cases you can mak every precise changes based on wind input or if your elevation is a little bit offit’s easy to make slight changes before I get too excited about this scope and I really am excited to be able to fire this thing in the upcoming matches I think this is going to perform extremely well I have a six hundred yard match coming up and a 1,000 yard match there’s going to be back-to-back Saturdays and we definitely will be covering those so for those of you that have been waiting for the this past year in order to see how it does at a thousand yards we’re finally going to be vindicated but it does have a couple of downsides so I’ll discuss those first off there is some color fringing that you’re going to get looking through this especially at contrasting objects like say you have a bright sky behind a darker object silhouetted things you’re going to get some color banding or chromatic Distortion specifically color Distortion so you’re going to get a little bit of that blue and yellow fringes on the edges of things and it’s really not a showstopper it is a little bit weird but the resolution is still there resolution is fine so it’s it’s really easy to you know read Mirage and see all these little details even in low-light which is one of the things that.

I discussed about the m18 before low-light capabilities are actually quite nice I was out at dusk with some of these and you can still see all kinds of details very nice scope and lower light despite the fact that it’s only a 44 millimeter objective what I say that this is you know a dusk deer gun probably not but it definitely does better than most in its category but the other issue is the wind age turret right here this one it was a little bit mushy spinning one direction it was usually clicking quite nicely and then .

I spun the other direction it might be quiet or I couldn’t really feel it that well and it might be that this is a break-in issue I’ll keep you posted over time to see if this improves but this is one where I had to look over and check it every so often to make sure that I was in the right spot because I couldn’t really feel it and couldn’t really hear it usually if I spun you know more than one click then it got a little louder after that but it was usually that first click that was a little bit spongy and here’s an item to note for you AR owners that oversized zoom ring might interfere if you have any of those fold-flat sights that lie under your ocular bell in my case.

I don’t think this scope would work on my a R since I have a G G & G multi aperture device folded underneath I don’t think this would fit it might but you might want to check on that if you are planning to run this over your backup iron sights so what’s the final take away what is this scope is it a budget scope I would say yes since the price tag is about $320 for this one andit’s about 350 right now for the FFP model and that just has to do with the American and British exchange rate but these are so much more than what their price tag implies for about the same price as like a Leopold V x2

You can get something that really has excellent glass and it has great turrets and a 30millimeter tube I’ve never had the turrets mess up on either of these I’ve been using this one for a good long while now I’ve been testing this one for what about a year and a half and it is fantastic it always comes back to zero anytime I turn the dials I’m not worried about it missing anything you know messing anything up between shots it just plain works and now the competition that we’re gonna be looking at there really isn’t much right now all the big companies like Bushnell and Leopold and Nikon everybody’s going to these bullet drop compensating reticles which this is just my personal opinion I don’t like ifI want to take person shots out at all kinds of different ranges like if I’m out doing my prairie dog varminting.

I don’t want a bullet drop compensate or I don’t want to have a rough guess of where my bullets are gonna go first I want a reticle that I can actually use to estimate the range to the target and then I want one that I can very precisely lay down my fire right on that small target those bullet drop compensate or is just they don’t really work for me I can see them for maybe larger targets or you know for these designated marksman type rifles but for the sort of testing that I do which is precision Varminting target work or maybe those those guys out here that do long-range hunting this is a much better option and these things are getting rarer and rarer in a way this is kind of an old-school scope int hat it has all this precision and it doesn’t have some of the weird little features that you get on scopes now so the final takeaway is that I really recommend this scope for anybody that wants to do precise work.

I think you’ll be really happy with it thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video be sure to LIKE and subscribe there’s more content on the way and the tension is building as the clock counts down to next month’s matches the whole playlist is right here if you want to see what happened up to this point we also have a couple of other optics reviews that you might find interesting and check this out the social regressive is now on patreon if you want to become a patron of the destructive arts a few bucks a month can help us produce more high-quality videos you might have noticed the improved lighting sound and video quality we have big plans for the future and your patronage can help make it happen.

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